Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Court Slams Unabashed Bigot Ohio Lawmaker

Ohio Lawmaker Thwarted In Domestic Partner Benefits Challenge
by Newscenter Staff

Posted: August 28, 2007 - 3:00 pm ET

(Oxford, Ohio) The Court of Appeals in Ohio has told a state lawmaker he does not have a right to sue Miami University over the school's decision to provide health benefits to the same-sex partners of its employees.

The ruling upholds a lower court decision throwing out the lawsuit by state Rep. Tom Brinkman (R).

Brinkman has sought to have a judge declare the benefits package unconstitutional because of the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

Brinkman was represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative law group which regularly fights LGBT issues nationwide. The suit argued that Ohio's constitutional amendment banning gay marriage nullifies such benefits from publicly funded institutions.

Miami University gets about ten percent of its income from the state of Ohio. The rest comes from tuition and endowments.

Brinkman has two children who are students at the university.

The suit said that he "desires that his tax dollars and tuition payments be utilized lawfully, and not applied by the University to finance the constitutional violation challenged herein."

Lambda Legal, representing two lesbian professors argued that Brinkman had no standing to sue, because the University pays for its domestic partner benefits with privately donated funds, not with tax dollars or tuition.

"We conclude that Brinkman's status as an Ohio taxpayer does not give him standing to challenge the university's policy of providing health insurance benefits to same-sex domestic partners of its employees," the Appeals Court said in its ruling Tuesday.

"Lesbian and gay employees and their families' health were at stake and today the court has granted them freedom from being a pawn in politically motivated lawsuits," said Lambda attorney James P. Madigan.

"The court has affirmed that Mr. Brinkman's daily life is unaffected when the domestic partners of lesbian and gay university employees have health insurance and he therefore has no standing to bring a lawsuit."

Miami University has offered the benefits program since June 2004. People who sign up for it must be in a long-term monogamous relationship, be of the same sex and share a residence as well as financial obligations.

When he filed the suit Brinkman said that he had no sympathy for the partners of gay and lesbian employees of the university.

"[They should] go get a job that gives them benefits. They don’t have a ball and chain around them,” Brinkman said. Private companies can do whatever they want with their money, he said.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another GOP Lawmaker Busted In Washroom

Another GOP Lawmaker Busted In Washroom
by The Associated Press

Posted: August 27, 2007 - 6:30 pm ET
Updated 8:00 pm ET

(Minneapolis, Minnesota) Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho pleaded guilty this month to misdemeanor disorderly conduct after being arrested at the Minneapolis airport.

A Hennepin County court docket showed Craig pleading guilty to the disorderly conduct charge Aug. 8, with the court dismissing a charge of gross misdemeanor interference to privacy.

The court docket said the Republican senator paid $575 in fines and fees. He was put on unsupervised probation for a year. A sentence of 10 days in the county workhouse was stayed.

Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper, which first reported the case, said on its Web site Monday that Craig was arrested June 11 by a plainclothes officer investigating complaints of lewd conduct in a men's restroom at the airport.

Craig, a social conservative, supported both attempts to advance a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and opposes adding sexuality to the groups covered under hate crime laws and to a bill protecting LGBT workers.

Craig said in a statement issued by his office Monday that he was not involved in any inappropriate conduct.

"At the time of this incident, I complained to the police that they were misconstruing my actions," he said. "I should have had the advice of counsel in resolving this matter. In hindsight, I should not have pled guilty. I was trying to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously."

Craig, 62, is married and in his third term in the Senate. He is up for re-election next year. He was a member of the House for 10 years before winning election to the Senate in 1990.

He has been one of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's top Senate supporters, serving as a Senate liaison for the campaign since February. As word spread of Craig's guilty plea, a Romney campaign spokesman, Matt Rhoades, said in a statement: "Senator Craig has stepped down from his role with the campaign. He did not want to be a distraction and we accept his decision."

Sidney Smith, a Craig aide in Boise, said Monday afternoon that the senator was "in the (Boise) area" but was declining to give interviews.

Minneapolis airport police declined to provide a copy of the arrest report after business hours Monday.

Roll Call, citing the report, said Sgt. Dave Karsnia made the arrest after an encounter in which he was seated in a stall next to a stall occupied by Craig. Karsnia described Craig tapping his foot, which Karsnia said he "recognized as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct."

Roll Call quoted the Aug. 8 police report as saying that Craig had handed the arresting officer a business card that identified him as a member of the Senate.

"What do you think about that?" Craig is alleged to have said, according to the report.

Last fall, Craig called allegations from a gay-rights activist that he's had homosexual relationships "completely ridiculous."

Mike Rogers, who bills himself as a gay activist blogger, published the allegations on his Web site, , in October 2006.

Craig hasn't said if he plans to run for a fourth term in 2008. An announcement was expected this fall. His spokesman, Smith, was uncertain if Craig's guilty plea would affect his re-election plans.

"It's too early to talk about anything about that," Smith told The Associated Press.

J. Kirk Sullivan, chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, declined to comment on the situation, saying he was unaware of the nature of the charges against Craig.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>OK, so what are the Republicans anyway? A group of bitter, closeted queens determined to make life miserable for those not petrified to come out of the closet? A party of lawmakers so determined to know all sides of an argument they'll all experiment with their sexuality in an attempt to understand what it's like to be gay?


They're just SICK PUPPIES!

Did You Know... long as you are old enough to walk to an Arkansas courthouse you can marry?

That's right.

Even a toddler can marry.

But a gay couple can't!

Isn't the Bible Belt great!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

With Karl Rove gone....

...poor George is so helpless.

He apparently even needed the guy just to make a phone call.

Petraeus’ September Report Will Be Written By The White House

The Los Angeles Times reports that Gen. David Petraeus’ upcoming Sept. 15 report on Iraq will be authored by the White House:

"Despite Bush’s repeated statements that the report will reflect evaluations by Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, administration officials said it would actually be written by the White House, with inputs from officials throughout the government.

And though Petraeus and Crocker will present their recommendations on Capitol Hill, legislation passed by Congress leaves it to the president to decide how to interpret the report’s data."


Let me guess: The report will show progress is being made, despite all evidence to the contrary. More money is needed. And we should all be thankful and grateful the Lord God gave us Dubya to...*ahem*...lead us in bringing democracy and...*cough*...freedom to the people of Iraq at our grandchildren's and great-grandchildren's expense, not to mention the lives of their fathers.

Since he knows history will deem his presidency to be the worst ever, he's trying to further manipulate it by writing Petraeus' report for him, then putting Petraeus out as a stooge to say whatever Dubya, his speechwriters and spinmeisters want.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quote of the Day

“George W. Bush is the worst President in all of American history.” -legendary Washington reporter, Helen Thomas

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More Mail from My Inbox

Both Alphonso C. Dalton and Pearlie W. Staples have some complaints about the size of their man's manhood. Alphonso writes: "My boyfriend's shaft is too big for my mouth". And Pearlie: "My new guy's dick is enormous, and my mouth is tiny". And both were giggled at by both men and women in public and private toilets.

Who knew having a small mouth was so hard on people?

- - - - - - - - - -
Both Art D. Ellison and Beau X. Juarez write: "When I tried to give him oral sex, I practically choked. How do I do it without gagging? Please help!". Both also have problems with dolls laughing at them in municipal bathrooms.

Well guys, I have a hard time swallowing aspirin! Don't think I can help you here. How big are your mouths, anyway? Also, the last time I saw dolls become animated was in those Chuckie movies. You might have a real problem there. You might want to bring this to the attention of the Weekly World News. Or call a priest. Maybe he could help you guys out. Something tells me you won't have any problem with gagging or laughing Barbie dolls after some good prostrating and an exorcism or two.

- - - - - - - - - -
Kerri B. Benitez says: "My boyfriend's pecker keeps slipping the federal water closet".

From the looks of things, Kerri works on Capitol Hill and is jealous that her congressman boyfriend takes restroom breaks with the male pages. Maybe you just don't satisfy him in bed, or maybe he's...let me guess here...just another conservative Republican family-values type who is just using you as a prop to deflect attention from him and his true perverted self. Go straight to both Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly with this story, Kerri! Keith will report it and O'Reilly will spin it to make it look like your boyfriend was framed. Either way, you get rid of the loser and get a book deal in the process. Tell Oprah I said "hello" when you make it to her show.

- - - - - - - - - -
Cesar B. Dawson writes that he, too has a problem with his boyfriends penis. "My boyfriend's tool keeps slipping out", he writes.

Cesar, it sounds like you're using WAY too much lube, man! Don't use so much. Conserve. If you buy too much, people will start to talk. Hope that helps.

- - - - - - - - - -
Concepcion Melendez says she'll help me gain up to 3+" in length.
Lorrie Poole is offering 6+".
And Viola Donovan is bidding a 7+" increase.

Dora Henley says her penis is bigger than mine. What is it with so many women having a penis today? Men, dildos, and strap-ons weren't enough?

- - - - - - - - - -
Fabian Hatcher seems to just be boasting when he writes he's satisfied 300,000 men. If anyone has a picture of Fabian I'd like to post it in Wikipedia under "Whore".

- - - - - - - - - -
I didn't know Hofstra had a program like this, but from there Everette S. Rosario writes that through their genetic manipulation program I can "enjoy new abilities of the real Man and become him". So there you have it, folks. They went right behind Dubya's back and are busy 'manufacturing' people! Men, anyway. Women will assume that among this new man's new abilities will be picking up after himself and putting down the toilet seat.

- - - - - - - - -
Finally, Georgina Anaya brings me the news my friends, family, high school and college professors have long waited to hear: "You (I) Finally Qualify for a Diploma!" It took over 20 years, but I finally qualify for those I thought I had earned back in the 80's. Thanks for the good news, Georgina! It really made my day!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

As They Say: Throw the Bums Out!

I mean, what are we waiting for? Jesus to return and tell us to do it? (I think the first sign was too subtle--when W. choked on that pretzel; but then came 9/11, then the shuttle tragedy, then hurricane Katrina) How about a plague of locusts?

All I hear about every day is Gonzalez lying to Congress, getting caught, saying he doesn't remember anything, and then saying he'll get back to Congress later to answer their questions once someone has told him how to lie his way out of that.

You know he runs back to the White House for that.

One day I read the transcripts of a dialogue between him and Sen. Chuck Schumer and it read more like a Bob Newhart skit than something one should hear between the US Attorney General and a Congressional panel. It got just as many laughs, too. FYI: Schumer's the straight man.

Given all the lying and cheating the administration did in its first 17 months in office (not to mention what they did to GET in office), who thinks we can live through 17 more under them? They don't seem to care that 75% of Americans are against them, because they only care about the 75% of corporations that still support them.

After all, they're giving oil companies, the health care industry, and the arms industry record profits and huge tax breaks.

What did they give you? War. Fear. Declining wages. Health care that is so expensive it causes over 70% of personal bankruptcies. Impure drinking water..........