Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time to Laugh

They Just Don't Get It

I found it interesting to hear that a cable news guy went on a rant during his report about the economy and mortgage crisis in the US, saying he didn't want to pay for his neighbor's mortgage. He seems to believe that everyone who is unable to pay their mortgage was aware they could never pay it when they took out the loan. Whatever the case, he will pay the price whether the government under President Obama's plan helps bail out homeowners or not.

If a house on his street were to be foreclosed, it will drag down the value of his home an average of 9%. On an average home, that's $20,000!

Under Obama's plan, the government will be bailing out almost 1 million homes to the cost to the taxpayer of about $1000 each.

That's a $19,000 difference.

Of course, he's a conservative, and it is the principle! If it costs him an extra $19,000, so be it!

Likewise, after Obama's State of the Nation address, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal went on and on and on about how he believes "Americans can do anything".

That seemed to be his (and the Republican Party) plan. They want tax cuts for the wealthy, and to let Americans fix things themselves without any aid whatsoever.

Because Americans can do anything!

So, if I am to understand all this correctly what he's saying, under a Republican plan is: Americans, you're on your own!

Yeah, like that's gonna help!

No wonder new polls show the Republican party now is the least-trusted and least-favored it has ever been in US history! They know Republican party policies and ideals were some of the key reasons the economy is in the mess it's in.

Republicans don't.

Republicans still aren't aware they were thoroughly trounced in the last elections, their values, policies, and politics all rejected.

They just don't get it...