Friday, June 26, 2009

Make Me Laugh!

Ah, the sanctity of marriage!

BERLIN - A Polish couple living in Germany fell out after tying the knot and decided to end their marriage on the same day.

"He said he never wanted to see her again and wanted an immediate annulment, and she said the same thing," a spokesman for police in the northern city of Hanover said Thursday.

Right after the civil ceremony Wednesday, the 50-year-old man began rowing with his bride and tried to cut her hair with a kitchen knife, police said.

The 34-year-old woman called police, who issued the man with a restraining order, which he readily accepted, police said.

Two attempts at a rapprochement later that evening by telephone ended in more shouted exchanges before the man went to spend his wedding night in a local shelter for homeless people.

I'll bet these people are just like the multiply-divorced Limbaughs, McCains, Giulianis, etc. who say I can't marry at all.

Bigoted shit heads all of 'em.